The Journey Begins
The 43 acre Grace E Cousins Park will be unlike any other park in Tulsa’s vast park system due to its unique riverbank location and pioneer village. The park visitor’s experience will begin at the native stone and timber Train Depot Visitors Center located at the entry of the park to take you on your new experience back in time.

A Wildflower Wilderness
From the Train Depot, visitors will be welcomed to the past by walking on crushed stone paths wind through 6 acres of Oklahoma wildflowers and native grasses. Visitors will delight in being able to utilize the trails and interpretive signage provided throughout the park. 
The Grace E. Cousins Park will be home to a model Pioneer Farming community available for all to enjoy, experience, and learn about the early settlers to our area. 

An Oklahoma Pioneer Farm
Local schoolchildren, families, and visitors alike will be able to experience life during the early settlers days by visiting the 1-room school house, a pioneer family home, barn and corral, an orchard as well as a working windmill with pond - all part of this unique farming community on the banks of the Arkansas River.

The River Bottom Forest Eco-System
A large, elevated wood observation platform will provide park guests with opportunities for viewing, photography, and painting while they experience river animal life.

In 1998, the Cousins Family Trust donated 10 acres of land to the Citizens of Tulsa in honor of its matriarch, Grace K. Cousins.   Concurrently the City of Tulsa purchased the remaining 33 acres of the tract along with approximately 60 acres of riparian rights.  Grace K. Cousins was a life member of the Tulsa Garden Club, and in later years, expressed her creativity as an artist. The painting on the program cover is an example of her work. Family members include her daughters, Vickie C. Mackey- Shivel, Darlene Ash, and Sherry Cousins Wolbrink.

Vision For The Future
PHASE I FUNDING has been secured with City of Tulsa sales tax funds as well as in-kind services from Tulsa County to provide a crushed stone trail, a small, elevated wood observation deck and an asphalt parking lot. 
PHASE II FUNDING would complete the trail system, plant additional native trees, add 3 acres of native grass, 3 acres of wildflowers, design and construction of the train depot visitor’s center, design of the pioneer house, barn and corral, one room school house and add interpretive signage. Total dollar amount for PHASE II is $1.1 million
PHASE III FUNDING would construct a one room school house, pioneer home with an outhouse, barn and corral.  Total dollar amount for PHASE III is $600,000.
PHASE IV FUNDING would expand the parking lot, add a pond and windmill, create an orchard and irrigation system, and add a large elevated wood observation deck.  Total dollar amount for PHASE IV is $600,000.

You Can Help
You can help make this dream a reality. Park Friends, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible.
For example, a donation of: 
$60 - 4 feet of trail, or 10 square feet of wildflowers or native grasses
$100 - 1 square foot of pioneer house or barn or 14 square feet of wildflowers or native grasses
$500 - A park sign, 3 square feet of the visitor’s center, 33 linear square feet of trail, 6 linear feet of trail and a tree, 6 square feet of barn/corral or 5 square feet of the pioneer house
$1000 - 10 square feet of house, 7 square feet of school, 3 square feet of visitor’s center, 67 linear feet of trail or 140 square feet of native grasses or wildflowers. 
$10,000 - 667 linear feet of trail, 22 native trees, 1400 square feet of wildflowers or native grasses, 63 square feet of the visitor’s center, 100 square feet of the pioneer house or 118 square feet of the barn and corral.

For more information on how you can help create a vision for the future by bringing back the past, please contact Dick Sherry at 918.712.5224.
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